Super Audio Elgato Wave 3, A Revolutionary USB

Elgato Wave 3 is the newest USB mic from Elgato System. In today’s digital age, the quality of audio has become increasingly important. Whether you’re a streamer, podcaster, or content creator, a professional-grade microphone is essential for delivering crisp and clear audio to your audience.

This microphone is an excellent option for those looking to elevate the audio quality of their projects. This article will provide an in-depth review of Wave 3, its features, and what sets it apart from other microphones on the market.

Super Audio Elgato Wave 3, A Revolutionary USB Microphone

The Elgato Wave 3, Superior Audio Quality

Wave 3 is a USB condenser microphone designed to deliver high-quality audio. One of its most notable features is its 24-bit/96 kHz analog-to-digital converter. This ensures that the audio you record is accurate and clear, making it perfect for podcasting, streaming, and video conferencing.

Its custom-designed cardioid condenser capsule enables the Wave 3 to capture speech with precision while minimizing background noise. This feature is particularly useful for those working in noisy environments or recording in less-than-ideal conditions.


The Elgato Wave 3 is a USB microphone designed specifically for gaming and streaming. It’s a popular choice among content creators, streamers, and gamers who want high-quality audio for their broadcasts or recordings.

Here are some key features:

  • High-quality audio

The Wave 3 features a condenser microphone capsule with a cardioid pickup pattern, which helps capture clear and detailed sound while reducing background noise.

  • USB connectivity

It connects to your computer via USB, making it easy to set up and use. The USB connection also provides digital audio processing capabilities, which can enhance sound quality and add real-time effects.

  • Built-in digital mixer

The Wave 3 has a built-in digital mixer that allows you to control various audio settings, such as mic volume, headphone volume, and real-time monitoring. This feature gives you the flexibility to adjust your audio on the fly without needing additional software or hardware.

  • Clipguard technology

The Clipguard feature helps prevent distortion by automatically adjusting the microphone sensitivity in real-time, ensuring that your audio remains clear even during loud moments.

  • Stream Deck integration

Elgato’s Stream Deck software can be used to customize the functionality of Wave 3. You can assign different actions or macros to the programmable buttons on the Stream Deck, providing quick access to various audio controls and settings.

  • Multi-device support

The Wave 3 is compatible with Windows and macOS systems. As well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, making it a versatile option for different gaming setups.

Overall, the Elgato Wave 3 is a high-quality USB microphone that offers excellent audio performance, convenient features, and integration with other Elgato products. Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or content creator, it can be a valuable tool for enhancing your audio recording and streaming capabilities.