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Razer Death Stalker Ultimate T1 is one of the products that you can choose when you are looking for a gaming keyboard with qualified quality. Gaming accessories are certainly very important for gamers. Because with it, gamers can play games better.

Gaming accessories themselves are objects specifically designed to play various types of games. Whether it’s to play games using a mobile phone or using a PC. As time goes by, there are more and more types of gaming accessories that come from various brands.

Well, one of the gaming accessories that is quite important and must be owned by gamers is the keyboard. In playing games, of course, you also need a keyboard. But of course, it’s not just an ordinary keyboard but uses a gaming keyboard that is designed for playing games.

Razer Death Stalker Ultimate T1, Gaming Keyboard With A Touch Screen

Keyboard Gaming Razer Death Stalker Ultimate T1

In playing games, it will not be good if we use an ordinary keyboard. Because over time the ordinary keyboard will actually experience damage because we use it in an inappropriate way. Therefore, we have to use a gaming keyboard that is very suitable for playing games.

Because it includes very important gaming accessories, we can find a lot of gaming keyboard products from various brands. Each gaming keyboard product certainly also has its own advantages and disadvantages. So when we want to buy it we must understand the keyboard itself.

One of the most interesting gaming keyboard products is the Razer Death Stalker Ultimate T1. This keyboard from Razer is not only suitable for playing game, but also suitable for your daily needs. For example, to surf in cyberspace or to surf the internet, not just to play games.

Then, this keyboard also has a 4.05-inch touch screen which is certainly not owned by other gaming keyboards. This screen allows media access management, game timer control, and Gmail even for screenshots with a single command. Its command response is also more sensitive.

Razer Death Stalker Ultimate T1 also chooses an additional 5 gaming keys that have dual functions. When using this keyboard, you even press 10 keys simultaneously to maximize the gaming experience. So that gameplay can become more interesting.

This keyboard also has a Plam Rest feature that allows palms to wrists to remain comfortable even if you play games for hours. This keyboard can also be connected from Windows OS to Android. You can use it to play FPS RTS or RPG games.

With its various advantages, Razer Death Stalker Ultimate T1 is one of the most interesting gaming keyboards.