Razer Orochi 8200, Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Various Heavy Games

Razer Orochi 8200, Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Various Heavy Games

Razer Orochi 8200 is one of the special mouse products for gaming activities that offers various advantages for its users. The mouse is one of the gaming accessories that has a very important role. Without it, we will not be able to play the game optimally.

When playing games we have to use a gaming mouse, not a regular mouse. Because gaming mice have been specifically designed for gaming activities. So with the mouse we can play the game more easily and comfortably.

This is certainly very different if we use an ordinary mouse to play games. With an ordinary mouse, surely we will not feel comfortable while using it to play games. Because the mouse is not specifically designed to play various games.

Razer Orochi 8200, Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Various Heavy Games

Advantages of Razer Orochi 8200 Gaming Mouse

Now there are many gaming mouse products from various brands that you can choose from. But of course, you should not be careless in choosing a gaming mouse product. You have to choose a mouse that is really quality and certainly good for playing various games.

Well, of the many quality gaming mouse products, one of them is the Orochi 8200. This gaming mouse from Razer has many advantages that are very profitable for gamers. Starting from the elegant and ergonomic design so that it is easy to carry around.

Then you can also use the Razer Orochi 8200 wirelessly or using cables. This mouse has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows use without using cables. For the power itself uses 2 AA batteries that can last 7 months with normal use.

But of course, you also use it too often and for a long time, so the durability can also decrease. Meanwhile, you can use this mouse for approximately 60 hours to play games. In addition to using it wirelessly, you can also use cables to save battery power.

Razer Orochi 8200 has 7 that you can program according to your needs. Then this mouse also has a very good sensor speed that reaches 8200 DPI. So surely this gaming mouse is able to provide excellent speed while using it to play games.

That way, the experience of playing games becomes more exciting and fun. This mouse is also suitable for use in playing various large games, one of which is Dota 2. Then this product is also compatible with various laptops, PCs and, Macs that have USB ports.

Razer Orochi 8200 which offers various advantages is certainly quite worthy for you to consider.